New sod needs more water during the early days because the roots must grow and establish themselves in the soil. According to some vendors, most homeowners water their sod lawns too often, but not deeply enough. Water. It is essential to begin watering new turfgrass sod with a half hour after it is installed or placed on the soil. Laying sod is a traditional and reliable way to transform your yard into something amazing. Once your new sod is adequately rooted, gradually shift to watering practices for established lawns. Choose from either of two watering programs, largely depending on whether the temperature (especially for the first 4 weeks) is above 80 degrees F or below 70 F. Water your new sod lawn twice a day for the first 3 days if temperatures exceed 80 degrees F or water twice daily for the first 2 days if the temperature is under … Do Not Over Water. New Sod Care. To determine how much water you are applying, place gauge midway between the sprinkler and the end of the coverage and check water depth in the gauge after a planned length of time (approximately 1/2 hour), then calculate the total time needed to apply 1/2 inch. Then, after excavating out, place down 70% top soil and 30% compost before laying your new sod out. There are only two differences when installing sod in cold winter weather: Sod only needs to be watered once after installation. Warm Weather Warmer weather in the high 20°Cs to early 30°Cs will require the new lawn to be watered a little less frequently, which may be around 3 times a day. Let’s go over the basics of caring for new sod. Water turf daily for 2-4 weeks after it has been laid. This will kill seeds in the subsoil and topsoil. To keep your sod thick, you’ll want to plan to mow right, water right, and fertilize right. Watering Tip #5: Water as early in the morning as possible to take advantage of the daily start of the grass’s normal growing cycle, lower wind speeds, and less loss of water by evaporation. The roots of new sod need consistent moisture. That is why it is essential to provide proper watering, fertilizer, and maintenance for new sod. And make sure the water filters through into the soil beneath it. New sod does need daily watering. How long can you wait before rolling it to make sure the roots have good contact with the soil? Watering will be key to establishing your new sod. 2. After all the sod is down and rolled, turn on your sprinklers and let them run until the sod is good and soaked. This is true with all lawn types but more so with St Augustine grass for the reasons already mentioned. Week 2: 1” per day spread out into 1-2 watering periods. You need to adjust the water quantity according to the frequency of the process. I had the sod delivered last Friday and my landscaper installed it over the weekend. Remember the key is to Keep the soil moist and not soaked. After 3-4 weeks the sod should be fully established and watering should be done. Cracks that appear between the rolls indicates not enough water has been applied and you should water longer or more often. You can now on an as needed basis. We recommend ½ inch of water. Once the lawn and soil are thoroughly wet, water 3 to 5 times a day, so the sod … After six weeks, water your sod about once a week during the … Sod needs a balance of water and oxygen to produce a healthy root system. Cut back on mowing to conserve moisture, forget fertlizing for now, water as much as you can, and pray for rain and cooler weather. Watering Your Lawn After The First Two Weeks Watering is most effective if done during early morning hours, 3 or 4 am, when sunlight and heat cannot cause excessive evaporation. I really don't want my brand new sod … Yellow-tan means the sod is heat/moisture stressed and will go dormant. The sod is more susceptible to insect, fungus and disease damage if it gets too much water. Watering new turf – the quick guide. After the sod is installed, the initial watering should soak the sod and hydrate the soil. If you water often, you should reduce the amount of water applied to the lawn. If the weather suddenly warms after sod is installed, it might still be a good idea to check that the sod stays moist each day. Hence, you have to water a lawn with sod more than an already established lawn. Water heavy the first irrigation cycle to wet the new sod and the soil profile to a depth of four to six inches. The problem is simple, new sod has no root system to pull moisture from the ground, so you have supply it until it develops a root system. With too much water, they can essentially drown. Water the sod one to three times each day for 10 to 14 days to keep it evenly moist. As far as fertilizer, 4-5 applications per year for Kentucky Bluegrass is recommended. Laying a new sod lawn is an exciting experience for most homeowners. New sod does need to be watered more often than established grass to ensure that it will take root, but it is possible to put too much water on the sod. When To Water. Watering Tips - at a glance. Keep the lawn moist at all times. Water Sod lightly after each 200 square feet are installed, to prevent wilting. The roots and crowns are still alive and if you water more, new leaves will appear in seven to ten days. Once all the new sod is in place, and you've given it its initial big dose of water, continue to water it regularly and well. (see brochure) How long to water new sod? Week 1 - Keep Sod Wet. Right now 1/2-inch once a week is totally inadequate for sod that young. The roots have to reach deeper to find moisture. The warmer the temps the more water will to be applied. If you want luscious grass, it’s the way to go, but you probably have some questions before you get started. If you follow this watering protocol, you will get full root development in about 30 to 45 days. To ensure the roots are getting adequate water to sprout, this watering cycle should be in place for roughly two months after sod placement. The cool weather will usually ensure that that ground stays moist enough after that. General guidelines during establishment are to water 1/2″ to 3/4″ daily for the first four weeks then every other day for the next four weeks then get on your regular watering schedule. Once you’ve spread the seed, promptly spend about 5-10 minutes watering the top two inches of soil. Water new sod 1.5-2.0 inches (7-10 hours with a wand sprinkler) the day the sod is installed or until “squishy.” Then 1/2 inch of water (about 2 hours with the lawn sprinkler) every other day for 2 weeks. Apply a 1/4- to 1/3-inch layer of water during each watering session to wet the sod to a depth of 2 to 3 inches. Irrigating the sod with a lot of water, but not every day will encourage the sod to send out deeper roots. Water for 30 minutes and measure the amount of water in the cans. Water your sod at 7 a.m. and 2 p.m. during the second week and at 7 a.m. during the third week, continuing to soak your lawn each time. If temperatures are near 90 degrees and the new sod is in its first week, it may need twice daily watering for a few days. Apply at least 1 inch (2.5cm) of water so that the soil beneath the turf is very wet. Watering Schedule for New Sod. It is essential to keep newly installed sod wet the first week. When it comes to new sod… New Sod Care. If your weather is or becomes very cold day and night (below freezing) in that time, don't let them keep watering, but as … Let’s talk about how often to water your lawn in summer, how long to water your plants, what time of day is best for summer watering and other considerations to keep your outdoor spaces happy and healthy throughout the hottest time of the year. When you don’t water the lawn frequently, you should increase the amount of water you apply and soak the sod. Best Time of Day to Water New Grass Seed To recap, water twice a day for the first 10 days and then transition to around one inch per week of total water from rainfall and irrigation as your lawn needs it. In very hot weather you may need to water more often. If you followed our advice and laid the sod in early spring, you should fertilize it somewhere around the end of the spring or, to be precise, somewhere between four and six … When you lay your new sod and watering 2-3 times a day for 2 weeks, how much was your water bill that month? The perfect time to fertilize new sod depends on the two main factors: the time you laid it down and the type of grass. New lawns which are laid during the heat of summer require the greatest amount of water which may be as often as 4 times a day in the first week. A few days before planting your new grass seed, water the entire area about 6-8 inches deep each day. (Mow sod at 10 days) Sometimes new sod should be watered more than once a day, in fact. You can determine whether newly laid sod needs water by walking on it. Watering Your New Sod. Today is Monday and he still has not rolled it and isn't committed to coming today. Always check that the soil beneath your new lawn is damp. To keep it that way, water according to the following general guidelines: Watering Schedule A Guide to Watering New Sod Amount. The new lawn must never dry out during establishment. To figure out how to get ¼-1/2 inch of water set out tuna cans throughout the irrigation. Here’s what you need to know about how often to water new sod. Depending on the type of sod, it should be watered at least twice a day for approximately 20 minutes. zone. After you have let your soil absorb all the water for 1-2 days you may now mow your new Sod Lawn at the highest setting on your lawn mower. Oh boy, I have been watering 3 times a week for the past 4 days for 30 minutes each session and 15 mins hand water edges and places my sprinkler cannot get. The seeded area will need to stay moist so the grass seed doesn’t dry out and die. Too much water on your sod could make it soggy, which prevents it from establishing a strong root system. Watering New Sod Chart; Watering New Sod In Colorado Schedule. In wet weather, rain may not be enough. Cooler Month’s (March, April, and November) Week 1: 2” H2O per day for the first 7 days, spread out into 3-4 watering periods per day. So with this one point in mind, we must simply water the new Saint Augustine lawn as often as is required until it … Do not mow for the first month to let the roots get established. Monitor your lawn to ensure that it is not drying up, paying close attention to the edges, as these are the most susceptible. Water once every two to three days during the fourth week. For the first seven days, new sod would require 5-10 minutes of watering, 2-3 times a day. Before putting down sod, I'd recommend treating the area with glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup. Begin watering new grass sod within a half hour after it is laid on the soil. UPDATE You've said the sod was put down the day you asked the question, which means they'll be back to water it on a regular basis for the next two weeks.

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