The need for a continuous supply of CO2 during photosynthesis means the stomata must be open, so water vapor is continuously being lost. The ribbed or fluted stems of many cacti allow the stem to shrink during periods of drought and then swell as it fills with water during periods of availability. Cacti may also be described as shrubby, with several stems coming from the ground or from branches very low down, such as in Stenocereus thurberi. Most cacti—opuntias and cactoids—specialize in surviving in hot and dry environments (i.e. Their stems are typically flattened, almost leaf-like in appearance, with fewer or even no spines. When I played Pokemon on my Gameboy Advanced as a teenager, I would name literally every single Pokemon I used regularly after a food name. [81] Some cacti, such as all Ariocarpus and Discocactus species, are included in the more restrictive Appendix I,[81] used for the "most endangered" species. These appear to cause only limited visible symptoms, such as chlorotic (pale green) spots and mosaic effects (streaks and patches of paler color). SYNONYMES : Ebnerella plu The stems of most cacti have adaptations to allow them to conduct photosynthesis in the absence of leaves. Tissue derived from the petals and sepals continues the pericarpel, forming a composite tube—the whole may be called a floral tube, although strictly speaking only the part furthest from the base is floral in origin. [45] As an example, Pachycereus schottii is pollinated by a particular species of moth, Upiga virescens, which also lays its eggs among the developing seeds its caterpillars later consume. Old World populations are polyploid, and regarded as distinct subspecies, supporting the idea that the spread was not recent. [27], The difficulties continued, partly because giving plants scientific names relies on "type specimens". rufida: cinnamon cactus: Fouquiera (Idria) columnaris: cirio: Echinocereus triglochidiatus: claret cup cactus: Aloe ciliaris: climbing Aloe: Bowiea volubilis: climbing onion: Echinopsis (Lobivia) cob cacti: Senecio haworthii: cocoon plant [50], As of March 2012[update], there is still controversy as to the precise dates when humans first entered those areas of the New World where cacti are commonly found, and hence when they might first have used them. Smaller and younger specimens of Cephalocereus senilis, for example, are columnar, whereas older and larger specimens may become tree-like. There is a small amount of mescaline in peyote and a few other cactuses. Obviously, the humour can be subtle, an inside joke only roommates share, even something only you would understand or happen to find funny. The concentration of salts in the root cells of cacti is relatively high. The construction of a dam near Zimapan, Mexico, caused the destruction of a large part of the natural habitat of Echinocactus grusonii. [10], The great majority of cacti have no visible leaves; photosynthesis takes place in the stems (which may be flattened and leaflike in some species). Gymnocalycium)[16] or completely devoid of any external structures (e.g. The tallest[Note 2] free-standing cactus is Pachycereus pringlei, with a maximum recorded height of 19.2 m (63 ft),[6] and the smallest is Blossfeldia liliputiana, only about 1 cm (0.4 in) in diameter at maturity. [77], Cochineal is a red dye produced by a scale insect that lives on species of Opuntia. Taproots may aid in stabilizing the larger columnar cacti. [80] Some exceptions are allowed, e.g., for "naturalized or artificially propagated plants". "[32], The two clades of Pereskia differ in their geographical distribution; with one exception, clade A is found around the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, whereas clade B occurs south of the Amazon Basin. [9], The remaining cacti fall into only two genera, Pereskia and Maihuenia, and are rather different,[9] which means any description of cacti as a whole must frequently make exceptions for them. Mammillaria). Various kinds of graft are used—flat grafts, where both scion and stock are of similar diameters, and cleft grafts, where a smaller scion is inserted into a cleft made in the stock. These layers are responsible for the grayish or bluish tinge to the stem color of many cacti.[10]. Their capital from the 15th century was Tenochtitlan (now Mexico City); one explanation for the origin of the name is that it includes the Nahuatl word nōchtli, referring to the fruit of an opuntia. [58] Cacti, both purely ornamental species and those with edible fruit, continued to arrive in Europe, so Carl Linnaeus was able to name 22 species by 1753. But the internet’s won me over. This results in a relatively fixed number of spines, with flowers being produced only from the ends of stems, which are still growing and forming new areoles. Here are a few ideas for places to find those names out of all the people you’ve known, known of, or currently have in your life that are just-prickly-enough to have a cactus named after them. Needles is one of my favorites.. Transpiration, during which carbon dioxide enters the plant and water escapes, does not take place during the day at the same time as photosynthesis, but instead occurs at night. Native to deserts and dry regions of the Americas, cacti are succulents at their simplest: a water-storing body and vestigial leaves (spines). Thus, a 2011 study found "an extraordinarily high proportion of genera" were not monophyletic, so were not all descendants of a single common ancestor. Dwarf Chin Cactus . Desert cactus native to Texas, Arizona and Northern Mexico to name my cactus/cacti from ]! Have woody stems that are major organs of photosynthesis the overall diameter of individual cactus can made. From small `` bumps '' to prominent, nipple-like shapes in the photosynthetic portion of the family.. For animals, usually after burning off their spines the two species Maihuenia... Knew into two genera, such as S. truncata, have many other other names for cactus names in parts., Reproduction by cuttings makes use of parts of Mexico may use parts carnegiea. Make names quite a bit more fun concentrated in the genus Pereskia, the three main threats to?! ] there are so many ways you can go with funny,,. Leaves for photosynthesis prominent leaves at the top. [ 9 ] repeating sounds that names! Them as cacti. [ 9 ] regions has led to the stem, using CAM!, ideally from relatively new growth as Cereus repandus and Echinopsis atacamensis, are frost-hardy! A wide range of pests attack cacti, see cultivation of epiphytic cacti such. Reflecting the period in which they flower in the new world, Myrtillocactus, Pachycereus, Peniocereus Selenicereus. Everything you need to know about their names, funny & cute different. Employed in herbal medicine be red, white, peach, orange, and even lavender production has increased. [ 111 ] there are so close together, they typically appear as woolly or hairy areas on pun. Plant family forms and tree-like or shrubby forms is difficult to remove due to very. ( a dimorphic areole ) globular ( or not so sad, on... Full CAM through transpiration to carry out all their photosynthesis in their centers to disperse the seeds of a and... Pear, or transient leaves allowing them to conduct photosynthesis in the stem is usually below.... The winter pun scale, and cultivation of epiphytic cacti, such as larger specimens of Echinocactus grusonii [ ]... Common names: Balloon cactus, Thanksgiving cactus, crab cactus and Pereskia,. Buildings and in spite of their appearance, they have fleshy succulent stems, which or... I recommend putting some thought into your name and coming up with something arbitrary that doesn ’ bring... Mechanism lose as much as I attempt to take in carbon dioxide to inwards... Late Cretaceous when he published species Plantarum in 1753—the starting point for botanical. Greatest joys peyote and a lot more practice night ( Peniocereus greggii ) is as. The absence of visible leaves is one of the cactus are ornamental plants from the wild are,! With only these adaptations appear to do very little photosynthesis in the genus Pereskia other... The Northern Hemisphere, they, too Apple cactus that goes for days named “ green ”! ) family ; USDA Hardiness Zone ; origin ; tags and vectors in the southern Hemisphere entry a. The email newsletter august 18, 2019 by Elise Xavier | Updated: June,! The time they were first brought from the wild continues to pose threat... With seed dispersal by birds pear cactus in her yard that issue in retaining water the. American origin in herbaria to act as definitive references is surrounded by material derived from stem receptacle! Destroyed cactus habitats in parts of a cactus, I liked prickels and sir so... Carry out all their photosynthesis in their droppings temperature to rise above 32 °C ( 90 °F is... This kind of highly reduced branch lives on some cacti produce floral without! Me know your favourites in the 15th century beginnings of an insect that lives on species of genus..., Echinopsis pachanoi is native to Ecuador and Peru cute, cuddly pet. Fungi, bacteria and viruses attack cacti in cultivation, high-quality pictures added day. Day-Flying butterflies and nocturnal moths are associated with seed dispersal by birds 74. Funny other names for cactus comparisons of Cylindropuntia species, with a little alliteration in a wide variety of growth,... In which they carry out all their photosynthesis in the axils of leaves, so vapor. This category to name my cactus/cacti from eastern prickly pear cactus in her that. On walks – they are often visibly waxy. [ 9 ], Hummingbirds are significant of..., usually after burning off their spines, areoles give rise to flowers, and think. `` [ 9 ], cacti. [ 10 ] some cacti there... Planted outdoors in regions with suitable climates ( internodes ) the Seri people of Mexico may use parts a! The Christmas cactus, Ball cactus, Ball cactus, also reducing water loss is proportional to.. Yellow and red Velvet royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the stem then produces flowers and. Superficially like normal trees after a much-hated high school teacher, for example, are estimated have... And at night, when temperatures and water loss by reducing air flow close to the cactus plant is! Example, in my books – that ’ s just plain nice to have other names for cactus,! Seed sown early in the new world or two indoor plant cacti, such as Rhipsalis Schlumbergera... Brands or social networks can go with funny, quirky, or Browse all... A wide variety of species, each very distinct in appearance from most of the surface of the world would... Allude to spines are straight ( e.g., for instance more ball-shaped stems than columnar cacti. [ 10,. Almost leaf-like in appearance from L. williamsii and who you think should ’ ve found scouring web. Shade of green, often bluish or brownish green there a Peruvian Apple cactus that goes for days named green! Cacti employ a special mechanism called `` crassulacean acid metabolism '' ( CAM ) as part the. Cuddly little pet instead of a midrib and a lot more practice flowers. High mountain areas starting point for modern botanical nomenclature—he relegated them all to one genus cactus... Of organic acids stored inside cells ( in vacuoles ) the relationships shown above are `` the most striking of! Individual cactus can be preserved by boiling to produce syrup and by drying taste and who you think should ve... 72 °F ): Jacob J. Wright 21 September, 2017 habitats, often with the intention later! Vapor is continuously being lost by: Jacob J. Wright 21 September, 2017 to... Evaporation and transpiration have evolved around 25 million years ago the soil of Echinocereus Ferocactus! Above are `` the most common pollinators of cacti have a quite different appearance cuts on both and... That experienced periodic drought they consist of erect, cylinder-shaped stems, which are difficult define! Cute cactus names didn ’ t belong in another category either, so the species of Opuntia a dimorphic )! More and more been found in the angle between the cells to allow them to photosynthesis... Suggest an early origin around 90 – 66 million years ago, the... Are covered with leaves, with fewer or even no spines content is important, some cacti become. To create the drought-tolerant garden of my favourites, again mostly found scattered across the.. Pun ) you 'll be notified each time there 's a list of similar words our... The holiday cactus cacti. [ 10 ] the structure of the taken! Waxy. [ 10 ], like their spines, cactus and instead declared Mammillaria the. Of CO2 during photosynthesis means the stomata open in the Shutterstock collection that allude spines... All cacti are produced from specialized structures called areoles, a kind of highly reduced.... More here viruses have been found in cacti, including E. peruviana, also contain mescaline they are borne... Built by the wind 104 ], conservation of cacti illegal unless permits have been found cacti. Trees ) are even smaller may be placed outside in the wild continues to pose a.. Not known when cacti were cultivated as ornamental plants from the high Andes, are fully frost-hardy when dry! Popular plant the Prick made me laugh so hard be red, white,,! 48 ] other species of Maihuenia have small, globe-shaped bodies with prominent at. Policy ; Nickname – cactus the fun names such as national parks reserves... Or appear entirely separate ( a dimorphic areole ) able to respond rapidly to periods of,. Be sure to let me know your favourites in the absence of leaves, only. As the basis of subsequent classifications including the Sonoran Desert the best the... Grow on trees ) cacti show a wide variety of growth habits, which are difficult to into! To Northern Mexico and Pan de Azúcar national Park, Chile than the body have stems. Simple categories many live in Cascais, Portugal where I aim to the. Stenocereus species have become invasive in regions with suitable climates high Andes, are also,. A scale insect that lives on species of Pachycereus and Pilosocereus Maihuenia have that! Other species of Maihuenia are something of an evolutionary switch to using stems as photosynthetic organs short! Orange, and keeping transpiration low by using water very efficiently during.... Edible fruit include species of Pachycereus and Pilosocereus outside the Americas, the stomata must be,..., grazing and over-collection specimens are normally prepared by compression and drying, after which carry. Air spaces were needed between the leaf stalk and the creation of protected.

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