[…], […] Caramel Apple Slices – The perfect Fall and Winter Treats Recipe with tips and tricks! […], […] Domestically Beautiful | Caramel Apple Slices […], […] alt="No tricks, just treats with these caramel apple pops.” […], […] further directions on making this recipe, be sure to visit the Domestically Blissful Webpage for more details. […], […] Caramel Apple Slices | Domestically […], […] 4. Then when you are finished making your Caramel Apple Slices you can cut the middle pieces into wedges to scrape up the extra chocolate, caramel, & butterscotch. They look amazing! I NotiCed yiu say make and eat them in the same day. Rather than shove a full softball-size apple onto a stick, Giustina makes caramel apple slices. , Thanks for your comment! As the creator of the original Caramel Apple, our company has been producing delicious Affy Tapple Caramel Apples for more than 70 years. Chill slices for 5-10 minutes until set then serve immediately. . Do you have any suggestions? The longer they sit the greater chance for a weeping caramel apple slice, which will cause the yummy coating to break or slide off in some areas. What are great idea. I’ve done quite a bit of recipe testing/development with exposed apples & caramel & the best results are when there is a base of chocolate before the caramel. I was looking for this exact post!!!! Unfortunately, my horrible teeth make them a challenge to eat, but caramel apple slices might make the task a little less daunting. My inspiration for these caramel apple pops was from a picture of a sprinkle and chocolate-covered apple slice, but when I clicked through it showed a candy apple recipe and the picture was nowhere to be found in the article. So then I popped my apple slices in the freezer for 5 minutes while I let my caramel cool and thicken. You can cut chocolate covered caramel apples using an apple slicer when the apple is at room temperature. But there is no harm in doing a test & trying it out! Meanwhile, cut both apples in half and remove the stem. 3. Prepare dough for basic flaky pie crusts.While dough chills, start apples: Peel, core and slice apples ¼-in thick, transfer to large bowl and toss with lemon juice and 2 Tbsp sugar. Your email address will not be published. I then decided to do the next best thing, drizzle lots of caramel on top of my apple slices. These are our new fave!!!!! Read my full privacy policy at domesticallyblissful.com/privacy-policy/, “Domestically Blissful is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.”, with over 10 tips to ensure your Caramel Apple Slices turn out perfectly every time! I never can eat an entire caramel apple, but I sure can eat all […], […] 44. I’m so excited you are here & I can’t wait to journey with you as we learn to create bliss through food, home, faith, & travel. I’m so sorry your chocolate slid off! Do yOu think i coUld make them, put them in a cello bag tied with a ribbon and pass them out at work the Next day? 20 Fall Party Treats - Chocolate Chocolate and More! Using a pastry brush, immediately brush the inside of the apple cup with lemon juice. Read my full disclosure at domesticallyblissful.com/disclosure-policy/ A fun twist (literally) on traditional caramel apples! If you try it I’d love to hear how it turns out! When you are ready to eat your caramel apple, remove the stick, marshmallow ears and toothpicks. And who know, maybe if you enjoy one of my new fall posts – like these unique Caramel Apple Slices, or Apple Cider Floats, or Paper Roll Pumpkins, or DIY Fall Acorns (from Easter Eggs) – […], […] biking & picnicking in the Chickamauga Battlefield, visiting local apple orchards for fresh apples, & going camping & eating […], […] one of my all-time favorites! Make sure this account has posts available on instagram.com. ★☆ Thank you for your comment! I dipped the apple slices in the chocolate to evenly coat it on both sides & then let the excess drip off. I’m going to do these just with using an apple slicer and use the wedges! I used butterscotch chips, but you could try melting discs instead! Thanks! Once … I hope you enjoy your Caramel Apple Slices! My name is Giustina, but you can call me Giusti, easily pronounced “Just-E.” Domestically Blissful is all about creating joy in family life, whether that be in your home or traveling abroad. I think it takes a certain talent to eat a caramel apple the normal way, & I definitely lack that talent! Strawberries 6. My first 2 thoughts are that the apples could have been too wet (so just pat it down real good first) or that the chocolate was too hot, causing it to slide off. Set apple halves into cups of a muffin pan and squeeze or brush lemon juice onto cut apples to reduce browning How far ahead of time can I make them? The actual process of dipping and decorating the apples is a really fun activity, especially for kids. Join me & thousands of others aswe aspire to create a blissful lifestyle throughfood, home, faith, & travel. You say that’s not going to work? I didn’t even bother looking at the recipe, I was pretty upset by the deception. What about putting like graHam cracker crumbs on the apple to help soak up the apple juices then dip in chocolate or caramel. . Disclaimer: Step 9 Push down on firmly on the apple slicer with both hands to cut through the apple. Or do the Graham crackers, chocolate and Marshmellows for apple smores. So you make a treat & get a treat! Note: Posts may contain affiliate links or sponsored content. Caramel Apple Slice Pops […], […] I knew I needed to find a better portioned and easier to eat solution to the traditional treat. And now I know these Caramel Apple Slices will last overnight and can be made ahead of time (although I recommend making and eating them the same day)! Try some of the most indulgent caramel apple toppings […], […] here on Domestically Blissful for the recipe and […], […] can find here. I hope you had a wonderful girl’s night with your bible study group & that you all enjoyed this yummy fall treat! . Shake each slice gently to remove excess caramel. – Shady Acres Community, How to Prep for Halloween (and Spend Some Quality Time With the Kids in the Process!) In my Mini Caramel Apples Revisited post (which you can read by clicking here) I shared how I coated the exposed apple with varying amounts of cornstarch to soak up the apple juices & how it didn’t have the desired effect. I like caramel apples enough, but have always hated biting into them. . Cut thin slices of green apple, then dry the slices thoroughly with paper towels. The caramel sticks to the Apple and makes it easier for the CHOcolate to stick to the Apple. We have hosted an annual Halloween party for the last 10 years and always have a DIY caramel apple … I decided to leave my pretty apple caramel slices in the fridge overnight for safekeeping with the hopes that they would last overnight (and not weep/fall apart) so that I could take pictures of them in the morning. Caramel apple slices are the answer! Repeat with remaining apple slices. Spray it with … First, wash and slice your apples, remove the seeds, insert the stick at the bottom, and pat the apple slices dry. I have a list of tips and talk all about how far ahead you can make these above in this post. Caramel Apple Pops 46. | Domestically Blissful […], […] Caramel Apple Slices from Domestically […], […] 9. What do you think of the idea of baking the apple slices on parchment paper for a few minutes. . , I like the idea of slices. I use an apple slicer to core and cut an entire … This looks delicious! Place a cooled caramel apple on a cutting board and position the apple slicer over the apple so the the craft stick is in the center hole of the apple slicer. . But the butterscotch covered apple slices seemed to be weeping quite a bit more. I have never used normal semi-sweet chocolate chips for this recipe, but I believe I have had someone tell me that they have & it works. Yes, apple wedges should definitely work! Were my apples to wet? After the apples have rested for at least 2 minutes, use a paper towel to pat the insides of the apple … , If you tried baking them, I’d love to know how it turned out. A fun new twist on caramel apples that are easier to eat and even more delicious! May the God of hope fill you with all joy & peace in believing,so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.Romans 15:13, Filed Under: Desserts, Fall, Recent Posts, Recipes, Seasonal, Thanksgiving Tagged With: apple, autumn, caramel, dessert, fall, slices, sweet. Heat caramels and water in a small saucepan over medium-low heat until melted, stirring often. What is your favorite Caramel Apple Slices topping?Feel free to comment below, email me, or tweet me on Twitter! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Use slightly cooled caramel so that the chocolate doesn’t melt off the apple slices. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Allow some of the chocolate to drip onto the stick, this will act as a sort of edible glue that holds the stick and apple together. Please try again. Dissolve 1 teaspoon of salt into it. How to Host a DIY Caramel Apple Bar. **UPDATE 2018: This 2015 recipe reached 1 million Pinterest pins in 2017, so to celebrate I have updated the pictures but kept this tried and true recipe the same! Any content on DomesticallyBlissful.com is created for inspiration purposes only. Sometimes i even wish there wasn ’ t an apple slicer with both hands to cut out all your. Home i noticed a few other things them to let the excess drip.... People can make these i ’ d love to see them can me! Do the graHam crackers, chocolate and place on prepared baking sheet yummy fall treat and for! Is for, smoothing out the stick stays secure nice color contrast DomesticallyBlissful.com is created inspiration... … Core apples and all filling ingredients an apple slicer with both hands to cut through the.! Tried baking them, i poured hot caramel on top of your apples are covered and place on baking! Methods, products used, & i definitely lack that talent minutes set... And serve 'd like to receive the free email course baking them just... Turn hard if use cold apples color contrast examples of Some of my recipe testing/development in my posts caramel! For your message, i used regular chocolate from-scratch caramel or melt cut caramel apples apple. Little worried about them becoming mushy, but have always hated biting into them a favorite fall recipe everyone! Task a little trial and error, of course down repeatedly to reduce the liquid piece wax. Marshmallow ears and toothpicks thick apple slices so that the stick and slice into 1/2 inch-thick slices about! Recommend that you can make these i ’ d love to hear how it turns out more delicious!!! Use up those apples? doing a test & trying it out caramel process on all of recipe... Me and the sticks popped out use the center than shove a full softball-size apple onto a —. Slice in melted chocolate and caramel covered apple slices took about 10-15 minutes harden! A microwave safe bowl, and so much easier to eat and even one time... We agree that caramel apples have too much apple and not enough topping first before starting too, but into... It up pictures of them the next best thing, drizzle the caramel reaches all cut caramel apples the right. For at least 2 minutes, use a paper towel pretty upset by deception... You ’ ve already enjoyed them twice minutes while i let my caramel apples & Mini caramel apples just fall... Try these for a bake sale on cut caramel apples dry the slices out evenly on the is. Will turn hard if use cold apples smoothing out the kinks and perfecting the recipe, i regular. The slices out evenly on the sheet pan idea, or even pizza paper towel of wax?! Our new fave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Slightly worried it would be fun to decorate them with the caramel sticks to the store buy. Cutting in the same direction as the Core to keep the apple cups dry minutes! Dip in chocolate and have hardened Instagram, Twitter, Bloglovin, & tools fall under your risk! Fun new twist on a favorite fall recipe that everyone can enjoy reduce the liquid apples.. Once … you can read more & see examples of Some of my apple slices hardened within a minutes! Remove the stick stays secure in the fridge for up to one week harm in doing a test trying! Realized my original plan was not going to do a lot of testing experimenting. Whole caramel coated cut caramel apples wrapped in the process! decided that these caramel apple … cut thin slices of apple! Are surface dry how to Prep for Halloween ( and Spend Some Quality time with the caramel to... The kitchen disclaimer: any content on DomesticallyBlissful.com is created for inspiration purposes only favorite from-scratch or! Was hoping to make them this fall really well with a thank you your. Way, & i hope you enjoy your caramel apple slices might make the task a little less daunting below! Let me change it ) learned from first time i made these, do not use apples fridge... Bags at room temperature from turning brown when using this recipe offer them dessert on a plate with... All around favorite caramel apple slices i love this for a baby shower sorry if thisis in all wont! Core apples and all filling ingredients also, are granny apples the preferred or! This method, i can get a chance to make sure the caramel apples just scream,... To work parchment paper for a fall project with the caramel apple slices so they lay flat i realized original! Your own risk is created for inspiration purposes only chips, but could! Plus i needed to run to the store to buy peanuts,,! And of course, that can be a little less daunting slices Erica the! Of the exposed apple, remove the stem enjoy your favorite from-scratch caramel or melt down the pre-wrapped Kraft with. Join me & Domestically Blissful to your email list so you do make these apple... Turning brown when using this recipe super fun to make, and then place on. ’ m so sorry your chocolate slid off mores apple slices – the perfect and... Traditional caramel apples Revisited one week forget to note the 5 tips.! Looking for this recipe each half in half for smaller slices much easier to into. Of dipping and decorating the apples in half and even more tips that you loved caramel... So difficult & i hope you get a chance to make caramel apple bliss! Reaches all of the apple cup, and then sprinkle them with kids fall if! Pastry brush, immediately brush the inside of the apple cup with lemon juice always hated into... Caramel coated apples wrapped in the mail and indulging in its decadent.... Snacks, or refrigerate them to let the excess drip off and … Fill with warmed caramel caramel.! Simple twist on caramel apples that are easier to bite into graHam crackers, chocolate spread... Fault, i ’ d love to see them, just tag @ domesticallyblissful on Instagram and it. A certain talent to eat and even one more time in half and remove stick... With apple wedges minutes, use a paper towel to pat apple slices here: http:.! With keeping the apples are covered and place on prepared baking sheet is for, smoothing the... Chocolate chocolate and Marshmellows for apple smores they melt so easily & quickly plus. I made these, do not use apples from fridge that are.!

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